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Special Needs

What is the Special Needs Program?

The Special Needs Program provides assistance to eligible citizens in time of disasters. Assistance may be in sheltering, evacuation transportation, assistance with limited medical oversight and needs such as oxygen. The Special Needs Shelter when activated is located at Anderson Middle School, 7000 Atlantic Ridge Drive, (2 miles west of US1 off Cove Road) Stuart, FL 34997.

Who is Eligible for this Program?

  • Martin County residents requiring transportation to and from a designated emergency shelter;
  • Residing in an ordered evacuation area, recommended evacuation area, or unsafe residence (mobile/manufactured home); or
  • Requiring, within the limits of services provided, assistance with mobility, oxygen, routine medication administration, routine health monitoring, etc.
  • Residents requiring greater levels of assistance than can be provided by this service such as a hospital bed, hemodialysis, life support equipment, IV chemotherapy, full ventilator, etc. must make alternative plans with the assistance of a physician or health care professional.

How Do I Register?

Home Health Agencies and the Council On Aging must register their clients for the program. Self registration forms are available on line at this website or may be requested through the Martin County Emergency Management Agency at 800 SE Monterey Road, Stuart, FL 34994 or by calling the Special Needs Coordinator at (772) 287-1652.

A medical review committee reviews each application and determines eligibility of the applicant. Individuals with medical needs that exceed the level of care available at the Special Needs Shelter need to have a care plan in place to address their individual needs during an emergency situation.

Individuals with no medical needs but just require transportation during evacuation orders will be transported to a Red Cross shelter.

Residents must be pre-registered for this program.

Contact Phone Numbers:

If you need evacuation transportation assistance, the Emergency Management Agency has a program in place to transport you to a shelter.

For additional information contact the Martin County Emergency Management Agency at (772) 287-1652.

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