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 Evacuations why, who, and how

Martin County has a history of hurricanes. In a sixteen month period in 2004 and 2005 we had 3 hurricanes. A great percentage of the population for Martin County is within 5 miles of the coastlines. Storm surge is a major factor to consider during threat of a hurricane. Based on the category of the storm projected and if your residence or business is within a determined surge zone for that category of storm, you will be recommended or ordered to evacuate.

Ordered evacuations are issued when there is a threat to an area of such magnitude or intensity that persons in the area may be killed or seriously injured if they remain in that area.

Recommended evacuations are advisory in nature. The intent is to notify affected populations that there is a threat that basic emergency services will most likely be disrupted in their areas and that property damages and personal injury could occur.

Evacuation orders may be issued for not only tropical weather events but flooding, hazardous materials incidents, wildfires, transportation incidents, radiological/nuclear incidents, or a breach of the Herbert Hoover Dike.

The Board of County Commissioners, acting under delegated authority from the Governor of the State of Florida, is charged with protecting public property and the lives and property of its citizens. By local ordinance consistent with Florida Statutes authority to issue evacuation orders is the responsibility of the Martin County Emergency Management Director. The EM Director issues evacuation statements at such time it is imminent or highly threatening that there is a danger to the population.

Evacuation orders will be broadcast through local media. And, depending on the type of disaster and time allowed for evacuations; information may be communicated by fire rescue and law enforcement officials going door to door, mobile electronic messaging boards, or telephone outcalls utilizing the EOC Outcall system.

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    If you need evacuation transportation assistance, the Emergency Management Agency has a program in place to transport you to a shelter.

    For more information contact the Emergency Management Agency at (772) 287-1652.

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